*sends this to teens who hit on me*


today my mom described my love life as going from a drought to a flood which is true in the sense of there being a lot of property damage

What do nerds even talk about these days. Mario won. Sonic is dead.

did i give up on bisexuality too soon or am I just pissed at men: a study in queer resistance
breaking news

the news is bullshit they dont even tell me useful information like if i already jacked off today


Statistic diagram providing the necessary facts.


Statistic diagram providing the necessary facts.

*gets an angry ask message*

*destroys the nerd who sent it*

goldenmoose replied to your post with a photo: This game has a glitch on the front co…

this game has 3 glitches on the cover

This game has a glitch on the front cover


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In my rendition of “Death of a Salesman”, Biff ineffectually throws a football at Willy Loman’s speeding car in an attempt to save him

Willy Loman: The American Dream is dead, my son.
Biff: Dad. I'm going to take all your sadness and sorrow and pain and put it into this football. And I'm going to throw it as hard and as far and as fast as I possibly can. For you.
Willy Loman: *gets in the car*
What are you getting a urine analysis for?

$150 thats what

(im in a study on the physiological effects of untreated depression)

update on getting paid to be sad + gay all the time: i have to pee in a jug for 24 hours and store it in my refrigerator along with some spitty cotton swabs which im thankful for because i get extra money for collecting bodily fluids & itll prepare me for my inevitable total breakdown at the glistening age of 31

Natalie Imbruglia - Torn
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Torn - Natalie Imbruglia

our song fussybabybitch

lets roll up to frolic blasting this & then just keep playing it on our flipphones inside the bar