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this game has 3 glitches on the cover

4oz Up&Up jelly lube is like $3 at target

i just bought it so id get free shipping on a blender

goldenmoose replied to your post “isn’t it legally impossible to rape a man (or at least for a woman to rape a man)”

The FBI updated the definition of rape a few years ago. It’s now worded such that men can legally be raped.

That’s actually pretty good news & I’m happy / hopeful that some dudes can get justice if that’s what they need for themselves. Hopefully if anything positive and not vile comes out of MRAs it’ll be a cultural shift that lets men (and alongside that, ideally more women) be able to talk about their experiences as survivors (if they want to) without having to fear being treated like shit for it or dismissed.

i hit the post crushes button by mistake:
why is it so humid oyut

i hit the post crushes button by mistake:

  1. raattles
  2. spacetwinks
  3. wilbr
  4. baraxshota
  5. genderdeer
  6. getbackibite
  7. orelpuppington
  8. goldenmoose
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why is it so humid oyut

I want to get drunk with you guys and order a pizza with too many toppings then over tip the delivery guy because thats a tough job that a lot of people don’t appretiate but should because he bringsd you pizza
A cheerful golden moose walking the tight rope.

goldenmoose replied to your post: What is a scrub anyways? I haven’t heard someone say that since Junior High and i still don’t understand.

Scrub has always been a synonym for rookie in my lexicon. Specifically indicating a lack of experience and skill that causes overestimation of ability.

Also true, for a me a very quintessential scrub move is overconfidence based on believing themselves to be well-versed in something. Nonscrubs are aware of how little they actually know, or of the limitations of their abilities.

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your sex to drugs to rock’n’roll ratio is skewed though

Go Pop or go home

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Some Pretty Cool Blogs and Dudes and One of Them is a Lady

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I think it’s your ego I’m most attracted to.